Waldbrände in Sonoma und Napa und Menschen in Not


Sehr geehrte Kunden, liebe Freunde,

noch vor wenigen Wochen besuchten Nina und ich “unsere” Weingüter und Freunde im Napa Valley. Alle waren in Vorfreude auf die beginnende Lese. Für den Weinjahrgang 2017 standen die Zeichen auf großartig.

Dann kam das Feuer. Bilder sehen Sie in den Zeitungen und im Netz. Wir sind in Kontakt mit unseren Weingütern und Freunden. Aber Nachrichten kommen nur spärlich. Das ist nur zu verständlich. Es herrscht Zerstörung und Chaos. Über 30 Tote. Tausende haben ihr Heim verloren. Und es sind vor allem die “einfacheren” Menschen, die hiervon betroffen sind. Sozialhilfeempfänger, die in Wohnwagenparks wohnten, die nun zerstört sind, oder die mexikanischen Arbeiter und ihre Familien. Hilfe wird bestimmt kommen. Irgendwann. Aber es braucht jetzt schnell Unterstützung.

Nina und ich bitten Sie, unsere Kunden und Freunde, einen beliebigen Betrag zu spenden. Wir werden den gesammelten Betrag an folgende Organisationen überweisen:

Napa Valley Community Foundation


Sonoma Resilience Fund


Bitte helfen Sie. Jeder noch so kleine Betrag hilft Menschen in Not. *

Kreissparkasse Rottweil

Kontonummer: 9185294

IBAN: DE17 6425 0040 0009 185294


Zusatz : Spende Waldbrände Kalifornien

Wir werden für Ihre Spende keine Spendenquittung ausstellen können.

Hier noch einige Informationen:

Auf meine besorgte Mail hin erhielt ich die unten stehenden Rückmeldungen.

Unser Freund Michael Silacci, Headwinemaker auf Opus One, sandte ein mahnendes statement.

Bild: winesearcher

…Thank you, one and all, for your concern. You have seen coverage and television and news sources about the destruction and devastitaion in Napa and Sonoma Valleys. I am here to testify it is real. Blankets of smoke and fear cover the Napa Valley. Containment will surely come, but when? Like the winds in Napa, our thoughts and feelings of good will shifted from Texas, the South, Puerto Rico, and Mexico to our commuinty. Once the devastationis is over, we will assess the damage, roll up our sleeves, and rebuild our community. We will also step back and take a global perspective. We need to nuture and support each other, no matter on’e race, color, creed, political leadings. The world is in desperate need of compassionate and consensus-building leadership. Let’s hope it comes soon.

Michael Silacci

Headwinemaker, Opus One

Thank you, Michael, for your kind note. The general outpouring of concern and encouragement has been overwhelming and is deeply appreciated.

Numerous wildfires continue to surround and threaten our little Valley. To this point, we have been more fortunate than many. However, evacuation orders have recently been expanding and we face much uncertainty. Communication has been challenging with power outages and spotty cell coverage.

Our hearts go out to all those who have lost their homes, businesses and wineries. The impact of these fires will long be felt in our communities.

We hope to have better news soon. Thank you for your support. We’re feeling the love.

Best regards,


DIRECT 707.286.1914


P.O. BOX 352, OAKVILLE, CA 94562 TEL 707.944.1441

Dear Michael,

As the days slowly winds down, I feel we can find some words to express our gratitude for all the message of concern we've received. The winery is well, we had a few small fires nearby all day, which kept us concerned and making evacuation plans. Our region is well away from the other fires, and it seemed logical to focus on the devastating fires in Santa Rosa and Napa. Our strong volunteer Lakeville Patrol contained the fire and we can now focus our attention on supporting our friends in other areas.

We trust that we will all come together as the strong community we are and re-build our region and continue to teach our children the value of community. Our entire team is safe, some have been evacuated, some have their jobs in peril, and we will be here for them and for all our neihgbors. My heart goes out to my many friends in the indsutry who have lost it all. Please keep them in your hearts and mind as you continue thorugh your day.

Most warmly,

Ana Keller

Keller Estate
5875 Lakeville Hwy, Petaluma, CA 94954
T: (707) 765-2117
E: info@kellerestate.com

Dear Michael,

We thank you for your strong support! I can assure you it means a lot to all of us. This is a hellish time!

My very best,


Robin Daniel Lail

Lail vineyards


Thank you Michael

The fire is everywhere , so close to our place, pray for all the victims


Chateau FERRIERE , Margaux
Chateau HAUT BAGES LIBERAL, Pauillac
ACAIBO , ,Sonoma

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